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Holiday in Tuscany Things to do
We do everything possible to give you an unforgettable holiday here. If, however, you would like, quite understandably, to go off exploring our amazing area we have several suggestions and ideas for ways to spend some days out amongst the beauty of Tuscany. La Serra is ideally situated for day trips to the most beautiful beach resorts in Tuscany. The beaches of Tirrenia, Marina di Pisa, Vada, Cecina and also Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi are without doubt the most famous. There are, however, a multitude of less well-known, but just as good, bathing spots. Beaches of fine sand are interspersed with lengths of rocky coastline which hide small inlets reachable only on foot. Then there are the Spiagge Bianche of Rosignano Solvay, where years of bicarbonate work has created a beach of the finest white sand, almost blindingly white, and tropics-like water.

With the enjoyment of your children in mind (and also grown-ups…) you can find an incredibly well-equipped AcquaPark at Cecina, about 30 kilometres away.

But Tuscany is a place of art and history. About 20 km. from us there is the city of Pisa, famous throughout the world for its Leaning Tower and for its celebrated Piazza dei Miracoli, designated as a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO in 1987.

About an hour away by car there is San Gimignano, another city designated as a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO in 1990, due to its characteristic medieval architecture and its historic centre. The site of San Gimignano, despite some nineteenth and twentieth century renovations, has for the most part kept intact its fourtennth century aspect and is one of the best examples of urban organisation during the period of the medieval comunes in all of Europe.

The town of Volterra, famous for its quarrying and subsequent crafting of alabaster, is no more than 40 km. away. There is a notable historic centre, of Etruscan origin (the Porta all’Arco is still standing from this period), with Roman remains and medieval buildings such as the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori in the square of the same name, the centre-point of the town.

But there is also another Tuscany, certainly less noted and less apparent than the above. It is a Tuscany made up of small villages, where you can still breathe the air of the past and enjoy a holiday more in touch with the local people.

We would like you to discover this Tuscany too, and for this reason we will be only to pleased to provide you with directions and information while you are here.

Agriturismo Tuscany coast